If you cannot find an answer to your question on this site, then call the Agency working on your behalf, or your legal team.

Q: Why am I being asked to complete the form?

A: Either at the request of your solicitors or the expert who has reviewed you at your medical appointment. If medical records are needed for review to complete the medical report, then your consent is needed. This must be written and signed consent, it cannot be given over the phone.

Q: Do I need to print the form off?

A: No, simply complete our online form and click submit. We're completely paperless!

Q: I have already given written consent, why am I being asked for it again?

A: If you have given consent more than 6 months previously, then your written consent does need to be provided again, as it is only valid for 6 months.

Q: My consent has been given within the past 6 months and I have received a new request, do I need to complete the form again?

A: No, but you would need to call your legal team/solicitors to confirm that they do have your signed consent on file so that it can be passed on to the medical agency to request your medical records. If they do not have it on file, then consent can be completed on our website to avoid any further delays which come with postal consent.

Q: Why do MedConsent want my written consent?

A: MedConsent will only ever request consent from you if they have been requested to do so by a Medical Agency or a Legal Team. We NEVER cold call.

Q: How do MedConsent use my signed consent?

A: The ONLY use we have for your signed consent is to pass it on to the relevant Medical Agency dealing with your claim. If you have any queries, speak to a case handler at the Medical Agency or your Legal Team.

Q: What happens after I complete my signed consent form and submit it?

A: Once we receive your consent, it is passed on to the Medical Agency dealing with your claim so that they can apply for access to your medical records from the GP's and hospitals you have provided on the form.

Q: Are there age restrictions on who can complete the form?

A: Yes. You must be over the age of 18 to complete the form, as consent cannot be given by minors.

Q: Who should complete the consent form?

A: The claimant. Or if the claimant cannot complete the form themselves, a representative over the age of 18 would complete the form on behalf of the claimant.

Q: I don't feel comfortable completing the form, what should I do?

A: MedConsent comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and are here to provide a quicker, safer method of obtaining written consent when requested by a Medical Agency to do so. However, if you have any concerns or are unsure about anything, call your Legal Team or the Medical Agency responsible for gathering your medical report.