Pricing & Features

MedConsent is ABSOLUTELY FREE to use for agencies and claimants. No contracts are necessary.

If you are a first time agency user and have not yet subscribed, click Subscribe to have your company added to our form. After that, your claimants can start using MedConsent straight away!

If you are a claimant, you should only complete the form if you have been directed to provide your consent to release your medical records by the agency compiling your medical report or by your legal team.

There are a couple of super simple steps to using MedConsent:

The claimant submits their completed form, and it is received in your inbox in PDF format, ready to send to MRP's in an instant.

Send chaser emails to your claimants without having to type an email every time. 

We can have custom emails sent to your claimants on your behalf. Fill in the claimant email address in the box and hit send. It's that simple!