Who We Are

MedConsent are there to provide a service in obtaining medical consent forms and to cut out unnecessary delays which come with postal consent forms. 

MedConsent focusses solely on obtaining consent, freeing up your case handlers' time to concentrate on other parts of the report compiling process.

We have one form for clients to complete, covering all areas of required information, Personal, GP, Hospital, Scan, and any Additional Details.

The form is authorised by the client by completing a captcha (to confirm it's not a robot completing the form), dating it, and signing via e-signature using a stylus, finger or mouse. The form is also time stamped. 

Once the form has been submitted via the submit button at the bottom of the form, the user receives confirmation of the form being sent and there is nothing further for the client to do. 

If a company requires that their own form be used for consent, that is an option available with MedConsent.

We offer a chasing service wherein we will chase your clients consent in as regular intervals as needed. For example, if your current chasing routine is once every 3 weeks and you would like more regular chasing but lack the manpower for this, MedConsent are there to fill in for you by chasing the client and provide more regular updates on the status of the chase.